The Columbia River Basin (CRB) is the fourth largest watershed in North America and has been extensively developed for flood control, hydropower generation, irrigation, and navigation. In addition, the river is managed for the protection of salmonid species listed under the Endangered Species Act, municipal supplies, water quality, and recreation, creating a myriad of competing demands. Complex problems require unique solutions built on the mutual understanding of science, economics, social values, policy, and legal constrains integrated across numerous jurisdictional boundaries. Using presentations, featured speakers, panel discussions, and a poster session, this conference will present the latest regional efforts from a variety of stakeholders aimed at disseminating water resources knowledge throughout the Basin and sharing lessons learned broadly applicable here in the PNW. For more information visit our Web site or call 800-942-4978


  • Provide participants with a broader understanding of the current science, policy, and management of water resources in the Columbia River Basin.
  • Strengthen connections between research, Extension, legal, public policy, regulatory and technical assistance organizations.
  • Identify critical technical and public policy research and information needs to reduce uncertainty related to water resources management in the Columbia River Basin.


  • Water Supply, Storage,
  • Water Reuse, & Conservation
  • Water Rights and Water Markets
  • Energy Generation, Use and Conservation
  • Water Use Issues
  • Water Quality and TMDL Issues
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat Restoration
  • Impacts of Water-related Recreation
  • Legal Decisions Involving ESA, Water Allocation, Transboundary, and Exempt Well Issues


  • Watershed Groups, Non-Governmental Organizations, & Interested Citizens
  • Water Purveyors, Conservation & Irrigation Districts
  • Water & Natural Resources Agency Staff & Scientists
  • Federal, Tribal, State, County, and Local Officials & Staff
  • University and Extension Researchers, Educators, & Students
  • Environmental & Natural Resources Attorneys
  • Water Resources Advisory Committees & Councils
  • University Researchers, Educators & Students
  • Resource Use & Protection Advocates
  • Decision Makers, Developers, Scientists, and Engineers
  • Economic Development Staff & Public Policy Groups
  • Energy Producers